How Brexit is affecting me in Thailand

The past week all I saw in the news was Brexit, unless you had been living under a cave the past week and never heard of Brexit.

For someone like myself living in Thailand or someone traveling aboard, what does this all mean?

Because I’m no expert in British laws or politics and obviously, I’m not from the United Kingdom. I don’t know what Brexit mean for me living Thailand, but here are two things that I do know.

  1. For Americans, it’s a good time to visit Great Britain. It means your US dollars will go farther and this lead to #2
  2. The drop of the British pounds.

    The USD didn’t change much during or after Brexit, there was a small spike increased on the day they voted for Brexit and then the USD level itself to around 35 baht per one US dollar.

The same for the AUD and the CAD, these currencies didn’t change too much. So far, the British pound was the biggest loser.

The day prior to the Brexit (June 22), one British pound would get you about 52.5 baht. A week after that, the same one British pound would get you about 47.13 baht.

If you exchange £1,000 British pounds just before the Brexit (June 22) at about 52.5 baht per one British pound, you wound get around 52,500 baht. If you were to do that a week later, you would get about 47.13 baht per one British pound.

£1,000 British pounds for Thai baht a vs a week ago before Brexit, you would loss about 5,300 baht.

However, the USD, CAD or AUD hasn’t changed too much. Which is great since I’m using the CAD, but not so great for Brattish pounds.

I think even at 47 baht per one British pound is still very good, when comparing to currencies like the CAD, AUS. One British pound is still almost double the CAD or the AUD dollars for the Thai baht. So I don’t feel all that bad for you brits.

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If you’re in Thailand like I am now, the bank charges 200 baht per withdrawal (used to charged 120 baht many years ago). Also, you can only withdraw at the ATM machine up to 15,000 to maximum of 30,000 baht per transaction. If you want to withdraw more, you will have to pay the 200 baht and other fees the Thai bank and your bank at home.

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