What to do if turned in to Credit Agency

I received a notice from today from Credit Management Control in the amount of $329.54 demanding a debt. It listed an account number and a date of 6/8/2009. I have no idea what this bill is for. I signed a contract in 2003. The contract was up in 2008. I have not received any prior bills or notification that any monies were due until today 4/15/11. Is there anything I can do at this point to resolve this? Again …. I do not know why I owe this money and I do not want this to go against my credit. Has anyone else experienced this before with this company and how did they resolve this?


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One thought on “What to do if turned in to Credit Agency

  1. 1. Call them and talk with someone on the phone.

    2. Say you like cancel their service at the end of your contract and they need to remove you from collection.

    3. You may file a formal complaint to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.

    Other regions, see here.

    What's the reason for any company to send you to collection when you already paid and already cancel?

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