Pattaya Vs Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport – Exchange Rate

Do you wonder which place has the best currency exchange rate? Should you exchange your money at the airport or exchange it outside the airport?

I thought it would be interesting to see how the currency exchange rate compares from the BKK international airport vs Pattaya. Let’s find out if you get better rates inside the airport or not.

At the end of the article, I’ll tell you how to get even better exchange rates than both of these places.

Before we start, the currency rates you see in this article were taken on June 29, 2016. Exchange rates are constantly changing. The rates you see here will be different from the current exchange rates.

I’ve been to many airports before – I find things are never cheap inside the airports, not just the airports in Thailand. I remember buying a cup of coffee and a sandwich back in Toronto International Airport last year before heading to Thailand. That cup of coffee and sandwich cost me about $20 CAD or about 400 baht.

I assume you are better off buying the Thai baht outside the airport. But let’s see if this is true.

Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport

*Exchange rate taken on June 29, 2016 (9AM) inside Suvarnabhumi Airport

  1. Bank Notes – This is how much you get for one foreign dollar.
  2. T/C – This is a Traveler’s cheque. You get a slightly better rate than Bank notes from your country.
  3. Selling – This is how much the bank is selling for each of the listed currencies.


“The Best Foreign Exchange Bank in Thailand”

Kasikornbank in Bangkok

Siam Commercial Bank

“Best Bank in Thailand”

Siam Commercial Bank in Bangkok

Islamic Bank of Thailand

Islamic Bank of Thailand in Bangkok


T.T. Currency Exchange

T.T. Currency Exchange in Pattaya

Money Exchange

Currency Exchange in Pattaya

Currency Exchange & Service

Money Exchange in Pattaya

My conclusion

Bangkok vs Pattaya - Currency Exchange Rate Chart

It seems the currency exchange rates were not so good inside the airport. It’s probably best to only exchange to what you need for that day and wait until you leave the airport to do further currency exchange.

If you want to get even better rates than both places, save on the ATM fees, save on bank fees and get the REAL exchange rate from what you see on, Google and Yahoo!

Check out this site and get the BEST exchange rate in Thailand!


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