Joe Ferrari Has More Money, 600 Million Baht in Assets

“Joe Ferrari,” the former Top police officer arrested for the death of a drug suspect found to have more money and asset than first reported. A lot more.

The former top Thai police chief charged for killing a drug suspect in his custody has more money and assets than first reported.

It first reported that he has a luxury home in Bangkok and 29 cars, including half a dozen of Mercedes, a Ferrari and Lambo, to name a few. They estimated a value of about 100 million baht or about 3 million USD. While he was working as a police chief, making about 43,000 baht per month or about 1,300 USD.

Now it has been reported that he has about 600 million baht in assets, or about $20 million USD.

His wealth comes from rewards from the sale of 410 luxury vehicles that were seized as part of drugs cases and auctioned by the customs department.

Five vehicles at one of Joe Ferrari’s houses were found to be part of the seized vehicles, and others were deemed to be legally owned.

Thai media stated that all of Joe Ferrari assets are obtain legally except for one car which is being investigated.
Thai media also reported that Joe Farriri paid 5 million baht to the father of the victim.

I won’t be surprised if Joe Farriri gets free soon, minus another 5 or 10 million baht and a couple more months in jail.

But what do you think? You think they will put Joe Farriari in jail for the rest of his life, or you feel the same as I do. Let me know in the comment.

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