My favourite restaurant in Hua Hin & perhaps all of Thailand?

Moon Smile & Platoo in Hua Hin, Thailand

In short, this is currently my favourite restaurant in Hua Hin and maybe all of Thailand. It’s a very small restaurant and seats about 20 people. They keep it small because there is only one chef cooking in a small kitchen. There are other staff working but they’re there to help the chef and customers.

I always go during the daytime, so I had no problem getting a table. Often, I would end up sitting next to some strangers – if they speak English, we might chit chat for a bit, it was a nice experience.

Red curry prawn in Thailand

I love the red curry prawns and the fried rice was amazing. Usually something basic as fried rice can taste very plain but the fried rice from this restaurant was just superb.

I haven’t yet ordered any of the western dishes. I strictly stick with the Thai dishes. So far, they all been very delicious.

Seafood fried rice in Thailand

The reason why this is my favourite restaurant is obviously because the food was top notch. The prices were perfect, not expensive at all and I hope they keep the price the same. Just because it’s cheap, don’t let that put you off. The food was among the very best I have eaten in Thailand.

Seafood noodle soup in Thailand

You can spend under 100 to 200 baht (about $5) and you’ll have a wonderful meal. This restaurant will be the first place I’ll visit when I go back to Hua Hin. After you eat here, you will understand why there are people lining up for a table.

Where is it? Check my favourite restaurants in Hua Hin.


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