Ontario Energy Board (OEB) warning consumers about energy sales at your door

Ontario Energy Board public awareness campaign

On January 24, 2011, The OEB launched a new consumer awareness campaign about door-to-door sale people. The ads are airing on radio in English, French and 11 other languages and online. Learn about this consumer awareness campaign visit the OEB website.

The message is to take your time to learn about your rights and compare gas and electricity prices before you sign any energy contracts at your door steps. Compare gas and electricity prices here.

Here are the two radio ads

[media id=20 width=390 height=124]Ontario Energy Board – Radio Ad 1 – Take all the Time You Need

[media id=22 width=390 height=124]Ontario Energy Board – Radio Ad 2 – Take the Heat Off

Know your rights

Learn more about your rights and what to do before signing an energy contract. How to cancel your energy contract.

To find out if you will be saving money on variable rate or fixed rate gas and electricity contracts. See here Variable rate or Fixed rate. According to CBC and EnergyShop.com, Ontario residents have 44% chance of losing money by locking-in their natural gas price in a fixed rate contract from 1999 to 2009 and 100% chance of losing money in a fixed rate contract for electricity (hydro).

If you sign an energy contract, is there any guarantee savings? No there isn’t. For more information before you sign any gas and electricity contract click here.

Compare prices here: compare gas and electricity prices.


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One thought on “Ontario Energy Board (OEB) warning consumers about energy sales at your door

  1. Consumers must know their rights. There are too companies send their workers to doors and advertise their energy suply. We must be carreful about them.

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