8 things you should do in Thailand

  1. Massages

    Massage in Thailand

    Massages are everywhere in Thailand and they’re very affordable. Prices range from 100 baht to the most expensive ones at ฿1000 baht, depending on the type, length and the location.

    On average a 1 hour foot or Thai massage is about ฿150-฿300 baht ($5-$10 CAD).

  2. Facial therapy or facial spa

    Facial therapy in Thailand

    ฿300 baht for facial cleaning inside

    In Canada where I grew up, going to get facial therapy was always too expensive for me. A single treatment in Canada can easily cost up to $100 CAD or more.

    I’ve never been to facial therapy to have my face cleaned in Canada. All I ever did was to wash my face with regular water and occasionally soap. I think most men can relate to this?

    However, in Thailand facial therapy is more affordable with the average cost anywhere from ฿200 – ฿1000 baht ($8-$40 CAD). Other high-end treatments may cost a lot more but the ฿200 – ฿500 baht treatments are enough for me.

  3. Check out the temples

    Temple in Thailand

    Inside one of the many temples at Wat Pho in Bangkok

    You don’t need to be a Buddhist to visit the temples in Thailand. You just need to appreciate the architecture and culture.

    The Thai temples are a place of spiritual and social importance for the Thais. Most temples have open doors, allowing anyone to enter, however some more popular temples have an entrance fee. For example, Wat Pho in Bangkok requires a ฿100 baht entrance fee for foreigners. However, most temples do not have an entrance fee.

    Buddhist temples are used as a place of worship by locals and Royals alike, dating back thousands of years.

    There are thousands of Buddhist temples across Thailand. The most famous are Wat Pho (biggest reclining Buddha), Wat Arun (temple of Dawn), Wat Mahathat and the Wat Suthat.

  4. Island hopping

    Island hopping in Thailand

    Koh Tao (Turtle Island) in The Gulf of Thailand

    Thailand has some of the most beautiful islands and some of the world’s best diving sites, as well as some crazy full moon parties.

  5. Festivals

    Loi Krathong Festival at Chao Phraya River in Bangkok

    Loi Krathong Festival at Chao Phraya River in Bangkok

    One of the most famous Thai festivals is called Songkran, also known as the world’s biggest water fight. The Songkran is a festival celebrating the traditional Thai New Year, held annually in April.

    The festival lasts about two to three days, sometimes a little longer. The locals celebrate on the street spraying or pouring water at any passer-by. Most long-time expats avoid going out during this festival and may find it to be an annoyance. But if you want to join the world’s biggest water fight, this is an experience you’ll never forget.

    View Thai festivals calendar here.

  6. Shopping

    Central Embassy in Bangkok

    Luxury shopping at Central Embassy in Bangkok

    Thailand has all sorts of shopping malls for all types of budget, from the ultra-luxury brands to the ultra-low budget or even counterfeit products. There is something for everyone.

    Budget shopping in Thailand

    Budget shopping at MBK in Bangkok (฿899 baht per pair)

    Two of the most shopping spots in Thailand are: CentralWorld is rated in the top 10 biggest shopping centers in the world. Chatuchak Weekend Market is rated the world’s biggest open air/weekend market.

  7. Food / Street food

    BBQ in Thailand

    Something you have to try in Thailand is the street food. No matter where you are in the country, you will never be too far away from a street food vendor selling deserts, fruits, pad Thai, noodle soup, rice dishes, BBQ chicken, fruit smoothies and lots more.

  8. Lumpini Park in Bangkok

    Lumpini Park in Bangkok

    Away from the bustling city, Lumpini Park in Bangkok

    If you want to get away from all the traffic, tuk-tuk drivers, pollution and food stalls and take a nice stroll in the park, check out Lumpini Park in Bangkok.

    This is a large park popular for exercising, working out, walking, running, reading books, feeding the fish, taking naps or for anyone who wants to chill and get away from the city.


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